Author : Seth Zora

Had a Few Drinks? Maybe Don’t Operate a Drone

It’s a beautiful summer day. You’ve had a few drinks in your backyard and want to have some fun. So, you break out your drone and begin to fly it around, whizzing past trees and impressing your neighbors.Big mistake.Operating an expensive piece of motorized machinery when under the influence is a bad idea. Sure, it’s[…]

Aerial LiDAR… What It Is and How it Benefits Various Projects

Aerial LiDAR and How it Benefits Various Projects Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Aerial LiDAR In the last two years, the drone industry has provided one of the sharpest hockey sticks any industry has seen. A normal electronic device may see a change once a year but drone technology changes at a much more[…]

Shooting for a Movie, Day 1

We were recently provided with an opportunity to step foot on a movie production here in Pittsburgh, one of our first. While not at first obvious, my anxiety and stress were through the roof. My elevated blood pressure was entirely based on the fact that it was the first time that we were going to run[…]

Thermal Cameras and Drones

At AerdiA we recently purchased a thermal camera to be outfitted on one of our commercial drones. Now you may ask how can this benefit you? Below we will go through the various areas and how they are best utilizing thermal imagery, also known as thermography. Embed from Getty Images A simple Google search defines[…]

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